Itty Bitty Infant Room
Performers Toddler Room
Pioneers Transitional Room
Adventurers Toddler Room
Trailblazers Preschool Room
Navigators Preschool Room
Challengers Pre-K Room
Jackrabbits School-Age Room
Wildcat School-Age Room
Eagles Morning Only Pre-K
Help Wanted  and Directions

CCDC offers three infant-toddler programs for children.  Each program is based on developmental theory and support in reaching developmental milestones in the areas of social-emotional development, language development, self help skills, and gross motor skills.  Nutritional guidelines and changes in feeding routines are coordinated between parents and lead teachers.

Lead Teachers have a minimum of three years experience or three years formal training at the college level.  Lead Teachers are supervised by administrative staff with degrees in education who meet weekly with them to review classroom routines, safety and health protocols, and learner progress. Learner progress and goals to achieve are communicated to parents during Fall and Spring parent teacher conferences.  Updates of learner progress are documented on daily notes by Lead Teachers which are sent home with the children at the end of each day.  Assistant Teachers help the Lead Teachers implement the daily routines and the individualized student goals.  

The Itty Bitty Room staff care for nine infants from six weeks to twelve months.  Itty Bitty daily schedules are individualized for each child.  Parents update written instructions for care on a monthly basis.  Caregivers establish and coordinate feeding routines, nap routines, and play activities.  The Itty Bitty Room opens at 7 AM and closes at 6 PM.

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