Itty Bitty Infant Room
Performers Toddler Room
Pioneers Transitional Room
Adventurers Toddler Room
Trailblazers Preschool Room
Navigators Preschool Room
Challengers Pre-K Room
Jackrabbits School-Age Room
Wildcat School-Age Room
Eagles Morning Only Pre-K
Help Wanted  and Directions

The Adventurers staff care for 14 toddlers age 20 to 36 months.  Staff follow the daily routine which includes morning sensory activities, small group skills instruction, large group circle time, outdoor play or gross motor skills in the gym, and self help skills in feeding times (AM snack, lunch, PM snack) and toilet training.  Afternoon routines include outdoor play or gross motor time, music and movement, story time, and playtime at centers.  The Adventurers classroom opens at 7:15 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

Catching flys at nap time.

Adventurers on the toddler playground.

Catching up on some reading.

For their Bug Unit the Adventurers ate bugs for snack.