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Trailblazers-Full Day Preschool
Three and four year old children may attend all day preschool for 2, 3 or 5 days a week.  Concepts are introduced during Circle Time.  Readiness skills are introduced and practiced during Teacher Table.  Social skills and language skills are reinforced during Stations where students work as partners to complete a given task, to play a game, or to review a newly acquired skill.  Weekly small group activities introduce the basic concepts of math and science.  The staff reinforce the development of good manners, table etiquette, problem solving skills, and appropriate hygiene practices in addition to providing a strong foundation for academics.   Learning Centers allow children to explore their senses, to use their creativity, to design projects or play scenarios,  to construct or to build using a variety of materials, and to communicate with one another during this learning process.  Students are responsible for returning learning materials to their appropriate places at the end of each play session.

Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!

Morning circle time.

Young children  use their senses to make dazzling discoveries about light and color. This early introduction to the scientific method will expose students to procedures used in the world of science.

Trailblazers use wet sand to simulate the California Tar Pits during their Young Scientist Dinosaur Unit.  They explored how fast they would sink in sands with different moisture levels.