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The Challengers' classroom is comprised of up to 14 children.  The Challengers' year long themed curriculum has been developed by Cathy Valentour, owner and Executive Director, in collaboration with Centerville Schools to optimally prepare the children for a successful Kindergarten experience. Weekly curriculum based lessons focus on developing independence as well as academic preparedness in reading, writing, and math skills in an environment that is both challenging and fun.  In addition to group goals, the teacher collaborates with parents and administrators to develop individual goals that are communicated to parents through daily notes, lesson plans, and semi-annual conferences.  In the Challengers' classroom, children's individual ideas and unique interests are embraced and developed.  Each week is filled with new projects and investigations that allow children to work together in a democratic setting to try out new ideas and learn more about the world around us.  Children who graduate from the Challengers' program have been given the tools necessary to work with others and achieve academic success in Kindergarten and later in life.

The Centerville Child Development Center Challengers line up to accept their awards after their performance at Stubbs Park in Centerville,

Halloween Feast.  Thank you to the parents for all the healthy food!

Challengers visit Grant Park nature Nook where they are given a presentation about wild animals and domestic animals.  They tour the park looking for animal sign.

Dancing to Webby Dance.

The Dayton Museum of History presented it's Tiny Einstein Exhibit to the Challengers.  Students learned about colors demonstrated by UV wavelength, 3-D glasses and mixing of compounds to create color.

The Challengers make a tunnel for their performance at Blue Ribbon Day.

Challengers celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner in the gym.

The Challengers can't wait for Dr. McGuire to visit and speak to them about Dental Care.   Dr. McGuire gave all the students a toothbrush after she spoke.

Parents pack healthy meals!  Miss Janie said those chicken legs were not small.

Challengers working on a puzzle

Very interesting story.

Dr. McGuire explains proper dental hygiene.

What would a fairy tale be with out a frog and a princess?

The Challengers get a laugh at Lea Craine's Silly Story Time.

The Challengers traveled with the Eagles to visit the ExperiCenter.  They learned about their senses such as smell, touch, taste and hearing.

Officer Matt visits the Challengers.  The students asked:  What his job was like?  What was on his belt?  Did he save people?

Santa and Mrs. Clause visit the Challengers.  They passed out coloring books and stickers to the students.

The Challenger students at Centerville Child Development Center hosted Jonathan Horwitz as their guest speaker.  Mr Horwitz spoke of the Hanakkah celebration and brought toys and a menorah for the children to to play with. 

More climbing on the playground at Windmill Farm.

The Challengers take a break on the bus at Windmill Farm.

Students from Centerville Child Development Center learn how bats find things by echo locating.  Too bad parents can't teach echo locating.

At the Boonshoft Museum students learn about the body of a bat and how it is different from our own.

Mother's Day

School Bus tour prepares students for their first bus ride when they begin kindergarten.