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School Age Programs: 
Jackrabbits and Wildcats
Children who are enrolled in kindergarten through grade 5 are eligible to attend school-age programs.  CCDC transports children to all Centerville elementary schools as well both morning and afternoon sessions at Primary Village North and South. Transportation is available out-of-district to Dayton Christian and to select Miamisburg schools.   Children may attend our school-age programs either 2, 3 or 5 days a week.

The Centerville Child Development Center Jackrabbits dress up for skits and singing to celebrate Blue Ribbon Day at Stubbs Park in Centerville.

Jackrabbit Valentine Party in the gym.

The Ice Cream Bar at Hometown Buffet is always the most popular place to be.

Jackrabbits visit Hometown Buffet on a teacher work day for lunch.

Jackrabbits parade through the school showing off their costumes.

The Jackrabbits bundle up with Ms Carmen on the Haunted hayride.

Waiting for thir snack after the Hayride.

I guess this is the boy table of Jackrabbits waiting for their snack.

The Jackrabbits "C" used their summer theme of Transportation for their skit at Stubbs Park.

Jackrabbits perform a dinosaur skit on Blue Ribbon Day.

The Jackrabbits studied gardening and the uses of pesticides and herbicides.  They compared the growth rates and  size differences of organic and non organic foods.  The Navigator Preschool hosted the Farming Unit.

The Jackrabbits as part of the "Young Scientist Program" study Transportation and Velocity. They combined the two areas by making different type of bridges to measure their load strength and used slopes to measure velocity of a rolling carrot.  They discovered that suspension bridges are stronger and carrots roll faster on a steeper slope.

Slope and velocity experiment.

Bridge strength study.

One of the best things about Valentines Day is getting and receiving cards.  the children had a great time exchanging cards.

Jackrabbit Lunch

Story Time

Jackrabbits enjoy a frame of bowling at Poelking Lanes.

The "Climbing Cherubs"...

Thank you to Karen Henry our guest speaker in the Jackrabbit Class.  Ms Henry practices immigration law.  She described how she helps people enter the United States.  Ms Henry gave a copy of the Constitution and a United States flag to all the students.

The Easter Egg hunt was held indoors this year due to weather.  Never the less, the event generated a lot of excitement.

Jackrabbit parents were invited to class to participate in an art event.

The Amazing Maxwell has selected Sophia as his lovely assistant.  Now Sophia..... you see nothing in my hand ...

Except a bird!

The Jackrabbits at Centerville Child Development Center prepare a Thanksgiving Holiday feast.

The Halloween activity for the Jackrabbits was a cooking lesson.  The children made popcorn balls.  It looks messy but tastes great!

The Jackrabbits and their teachers get to eat the popcorn balls.

Lego Table and Block Center at Centerville Child Development Center.

Jackrabbits listen to a reading at the Dayton Art Institute

On Board Game Day students bring thier favorite board game to play at CCDC.

Jackrabbits take a break form the heat with a couple of frames at Poelking Lanes

Time to cool down with a party at Chucky Cheese

It's the Limbo!

Group of Jackrabbits at Pump It Up

The Jackrabbits program is for kindergarten and first grade students.  Transportation is provided to all the Centerville schools and Dayton Christian.