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Help Wanted  and Directions

Boys feeding birds at the Columbus Zoo.



Creek Wading.

Holding birds at the Columbus Zoo.  Some large Eagles later grabbed Jordy and flew off, he was later returned without the ball cap. 

Hokey Pokey

The boys could not wait to get to the Ice Cream at Hometown Buffet.

Halloween Feast

Wildcats Dancing.  Was that a movie?  No Blue Ribbon Day.


Cincinnati Museum of Natural History

Centerville Child Development Center Wildcats at Fox45 learning about the Green Screen.

Mixing up a volcano

Wildcat and Jackrabbit Valentine Party

The Wildcats prepare to eat maggots that taste like cheese.  Karan said "they tasted quite good, actually".  the Amazing Maxwell is really AMAZING,  Students enjoyed his Bug Science Unit.

Ms Brenda and Ms Stephanie duck when one of Maxwell's hissing cockroaches fly by.  This was the fastest I have ever seen these ladies move!

Valentine Feast

Boy and Girls compete the in the Corn Hole Tournament.

The Wildcats make "Apple Turkeys".

The wildcats and JR3 visited John Hole during one of the November Teacher Work Days to get some exersize.

Hokey Pokey at Skate World

A turkey for the Wildcats at Poelking Lanes in Centerville.

Great weather for the Halloween costume party.

Halloween parties are the best.

Finger food

Costume party

Thank you to all the parents who helped with the party and craft.

The first trip of summer is a trip to the Columbus Zoo.

The gym as been converted into the Scholastic Book Fair.

  Wildcat sing along at Blue Ribbon Day   

After six years at CCDC Brian will be going off to middle school.  Brian receives his award at his last Blue Ribbon Day.  Good luck Brian, we will miss you!  Please come and visit.

Hula Hoops

Students from Centerville Child Development Center visit the Newport Aquarium

Cosi static charge

Now everyone gets a shock!

Cosi group picture

Jaw Pressure at the Newport Aquarium

Christmas Decorations.

Wildcats are grades 2 through 5 and are transported to and from Centerville City Schools and Dayton Christian School.