Itty Bitty Infant Room
Performers Toddler Room
Pioneers Transitional Room
Adventurers Toddler Room
Trailblazers Preschool Room
Navigators Preschool Room
Challengers Pre-K Room
Jackrabbits School-Age Room
Wildcat School-Age Room
Eagles Morning Only Pre-K
Help Wanted  and Directions

Thank you for your interest in Centerville Child Development Center.  For more information please call us at 937-434-5949.  We can also be contacted by email at ccdcdayton@aol.com.

Valentour Education Systems,Inc dba  Centerville Child Development Center, 8095 Garnet Drive, Centerville, Ohio 45458-2140         

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Our first customer.   In April of 1988 we started CCDC with our son JC Valentour.  He has now graduated CCDC, high school too!   (And now college)  He is standing second to the left between his brother Duke and mother Cathy.