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Eagles Morning Only Pre-K
Help Wanted  and Directions

Eagle parents join the students for a Thanksgiving craft before their feast.

The students opened the class with free play at the water table.

Students play the Fishing Game where they identify their name on a fish and try to attach it to the hook and line.  They then read their name to their new friends.

The first letter of the school year was M.  The children colored and painted their letter with markers, crayons and paint.  They then sang the Alphabet Song, Mousercise and read books 5 Little Monkeys and  Goodnight Moon.

Music and Dramatic Play Stations

Students visit the Science Station.  The Science Stations theme is updated monthly.

Out door play is a very important part of the curriculum.

Story time

The Eagle Day end with the parents picking up the students.

The Boonshoft Museum Exhibits to Go visited the Eagles this fall.  Mary Walker the Exhibitor for Boonshoft lectured the student about their "Tiny Einstein" Exhibit.  Students learned about the color wheel using UV light and 3-D glasses.

Halloween Feast!

Lining up for the Thanksgiving meal!

The Eagles enjoyed a Boonshoft Museum exhibit Wise About Eyes.

Eagles students host the Cincinnati Museum Traveling Exhibit "Our 5 Senses"

Vv for Valentines

Party Time.

Just like moms Thanksgiving, the kids play while dinner is being prepared.

Crafts during the Thanksgiving Feast.

Eagles Thanksgiving Feast.

Halloween Craft

Party for the parents.

Musical chairs.

The Eagles enjoy an interactive story with Lea Craine and her Silly Story Time.

The Eagles visited the Expericenter in Miamisburg to learn about senses.  They made slime out of a variety of products.  They used the slime to identify sweet, sour, bitter, and their accompanying smells.

The Eagles held their Easter Egg hunt indoors this year but everyone had a great time.  all the eggs were found!

Valentine Party decorating.

The Eagles participate the "Tiny Einstein" experiment presented by the Boonshoft Museum traveling exhibit.

Parents were invited to the Valentine's party where they took part in the bean bag toss, ring toss, Valentine Box decorating and making a Valentine card.

The Eagles morning preschool class were very excited when Santa and his helper visited their class at Centerville Child Development Center.

Mr. Horwitz was the guest speaker for the Eagles.  He discussed the Jewish customs for the Hanukkah Holiday.  Mr.Horwitz brought a dreidel and menorah as exhibits.

The Centerville Washington Township Fire Department visited the Eagles to demonstrate the equipment the fire department uses.

Eagles at the Learning Tree Farm.

Halloween Time for the Eagles.

First things first.  Hang up your back pack, wash your hands, and get ready for Eagles!

The Eagles read "A Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything"  They also practiced writing the letter "p" and tracing their names.

The first order of business is the Lego Table

One of the final events for the Eagles was to invite a Centerville school bus and driver to CCDC.  The bus driver explained all the safety rules and regulations for the students.  The students were given a tour of the bus and now will feel comfortable on their first day of kindergarten this fall.  Picture was taken at Centerville Child Development Center.

Father's Day Party

Father's Day Party

Dorie Phillips telling a story

Easter Eagles!

From the Backyard to the Barnyard Exhibits on Wheels from The Cincinnati Museum
Using puppets, investigate a variety of animals that can live in either a backyard or a barnyard habitat.  Students visit with a live animal friend who can be a city or country dweller investigating what this animal eats and how it finds food by using echolocation. 

Eagles are morning preschoolers that attend Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday from 8:45-11:15.